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The following steps must be taken to facilitate the transfer of territory from one school district to another district:

  1. Territory to be transferred must be contiguous to territory in the district to which one is requesting attachment.
  2. A Petition must be prepared by an attorney and filed with the Secretary of the Regional Board of School Trustees (the Regional Superintendent of Schools) requesting the detachment of territory from one district and the annexation to another.

The Petition must be addressed to the Regional Board of School Trustees for Vermilion County.

Petition must:

  • Have the request (prayer) of the Petition stated on each page of the petition and each page must be signed by the petitioner(s) and signed by a circulator who witnessed the petitioner(s) signature.
  • Give the legal description of the territory in question.
  • Identify the school districts, which will be involved in the proceedings.
  • State the reason(s) why the request is being made.
  • List the residents of legal voting age who reside in the territory in question.
  1. A deposit of $1000.00 must be made at the time of the Petition is filed. The funds are used to cover the cost of the publication of the legal notice of the hearing, the cost of the court reporter for the hearing, the preparation of the hearing transcript, and other expenses such as postage, copying, and telephone. A record of the expenditures will be provided to the petitioner(s) and any funds not use will be returned.
  2. At the time of filing, a letter must be submitted from the County Assessor’s Office(s) verifying that the legal description of the territory involved in the proceeding is correct.
  3. A simple map must accompany the Petition. It is suggested that a marked page form the PLAT BOOK showing the location of the property as described in the Petition, plus the district boundary line be used. Such a map should be verified by the County Assessor that the location of the property and the district boundary line are correct.
  4. Once the above requirements are met, the Secretary of the Regional Board of School Trustees (the Regional Superintendent Schools) will establish a date for the hearing and cause legal notice of the hearing to be published.
  5. The hearing is held before the Regional Board of School Trustees. The petitioner(s) may be represented by an attorney or may choose to present the case for Petition.
  6. The Regional Board of School Trustees may render a decision in open meeting following the conclusion of the statements by all parties concerned or within ten days following the hearing.
  7. The Order is prepared and sent to the parties affected by the decision.

The changing school boundaries is a very serious matter. Petitions for changing school boundaries are not granted unless there is a preponderance of evidence that the change is in the best interest of the schools and/or students. If you have any other questions, please contact the Regional Office of Education.