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The Area 4 Learning Technology Center

Established in 1995, the Learning Technology Centers assist the Illinois State Board of Education with statewide initiatives by supporting Illinois school districts with hardware and software infrastructure, as well as classroom and teacher readiness for integrating technology in the classroom and curriculum.

Their services include:

  • Technology Support
    • Plan for hardware or software purchases
    • Plan the wiring of your school or district
    • Plan staff development for technology
    • Plan how to integrate the use of technology into the instructional program
    • Evaluate and plan for technology staffing needs
    • Critique a technology grant opportunity and plan for writing a grant application
    • Arranging county-wide technology purchases to maximize buying power
  • Professional Development
    • Help you to access & select outside consultants and trainers for use in your schools
    • Provide and/or conduct staff development for technology use, ie. Google training
    • Provide and/or conduct staff development for integrating technology & instruction
    • Provide and/or conduct staff development for technology planning & decision making
    • Providing training for district technology coordinators
  • Networking and Informational Events
    • Quarterly networking meetings with district technology coordinators to ensure effective communication, needs assessment, planning, and delivery of technology service
    • Presentations about technology for administrators and teachers
    • Discussions and ideas about future directions for learning technologies
    • Providing access to information about technology grant & funding opportunities