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Staff Spotlight

Mrs. Bartlow, Armstrong Township Highschool #225

Mrs. Bartlow

Mrs. Bartlow continually works to make sure students have the opportunities to be successful. She will help out in any way she can. She will make sure papers and even lunches get delivered to remote learners when needed. She pushes all students to be the best they can be. She doesn’t let students give up.

Officer Damilano, Oakwood CUSD 76

Officer Damilano

Officer Beth Damilano has been serving our families and students by providing social-emotional support and doing wellness checks on our students and families to identify needs and provide resources during the pandemic. She shows up every day with a smile wrapped in compassion, service, and care for the well-being of our staff and students. She is a champion!

Mrs. Rickard, Salt Fork CUSD 512

Mrs. Rickard

This is Stacey’s first year at Salt Fork. She has dove headfirst into our FFA program and done an outstanding job with our kids. Her passion for Agriculture and FFA is second to none. She has already made a mark on our FFA program, winning our first soil judging contest of the year. Her upbeat, positive attitude is infectious and inspiring especially during these tough times.

Mrs. Creech, VASE

Mrs. Creech at her desk

Jessica has spent countless hours creating and providing Google Classroom and GoGuardian trainings for our staff during the first semester. She works full-time as a special education teacher, but she still carves out time to assist with technology concerns. Jessica listens to the needs of her colleagues and creates personalized trainings. Our remote learning plan has been successful because of her efforts to assist everyone else. As a special education teacher, Jessica meets the needs of all of her students by differentiating and using small groups. Her students struggle with their managing their emotions, and she helps teach them better ways to cope.

Mrs. Torbit, Salt Fork CUSD 512

Ms. Torbit

Libby has been a leading force in implementing our remote learning this school year. She has taken on this challenge and been a trailblazer for what we can offer our students who are learning from home. She has developed a wealth of knowledge through this time that will prove to be invaluable as we move forward. Even though this year has been a challenge she has never wavered in her caring attitude toward all students.

Mr. Lubinski, Potomac CUSD 10

Mr. Lubinski in Spiderman outfit

Who can say they have Spider-Man for a P.E. teacher? The students at Potomac Grade School. Mr. Lubinski finds any way possible to help motivate healthy lifestyles for his students and promote physical fitness. Whether in person or remote, Mr. Lubinski challenges students to set goals, exercise, and have fun.

Mrs. Zindars, Oakwood CUSD #76

Mrs. Zindars

Mrs. Meagan Zindars has taken on the daunting task of leading us through the pandemic. She shows up every day with a smile wrapped in compassion, service, and care for the well-being of our staff and students. She is a champion!

Ms. Johnson, Salt Fork CUSD #512

Ms. Johnson at her desk

Ms. Johnson serves as the Transportation and Food Service Director for the district. During the COVID pandemic, she has demonstrated leadership and flexibility during these uncertain times. She has worked closely with our bus drivers to ensure that we have accurate seating charts to help with contact tracing. She has worked with our kitchen staff when we need to pivot from in-person learning to remote learning to make sure students are being fed. She has even delivered lunches personally to students on a few occasions when parents have been unable to pick them up. Ms. Johnson goes out of her way to look out for others, always doing it with a smile, a kind word, and a positive attitude.

Mr. Balgeman, Georgetown-Ridge Farm CUSD #4

Mr. Balgeman with his arms crossed

Mr. Balgeman is the consummate professional. He can be counted on among his peers and has great connections with all students at GRHS. He actively collaborates within the professional learning community and with parents and families. Taylor is an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled teacher. He is currently the teacher leader in our math department, along with advising our student senate. One of the things he most enjoys about teaching is being able to make a difference within our diverse population of students. Our District is lucky to have Mr. Balgeman!

Mrs. Coburn, Westville CUSD #2

Lisa Coburn School photo

Mrs. Coburn has been invaluable throughout the pandemic. She has developed a Google form that served as the landing pad for district teachers, students, and parents in the spring. She helped identify digital curriculum that has been the anchor for our curriculum during the school year. She has procured, inventoried, and helped distribute over 1,300 devices for our students. Because of her expertise, patience, and guidance every student, teacher, administrator, and parent has benefitted in our district. She has served the students of Westville with exemplary effort in a time of immense need.

Mrs. Hupfer, Bismarck-Henning CUSD #1

The Bismarck-Henning Elementary School would like to share their appreciation for Jackie Hupfer. Mrs. Hupfer is a retired teacher who has a huge heart and deep love for children and teaching. She started the year off as a full-time substitute in a kindergarten class and, like other educators, had to learn and relearn a mountain of new skills to help make this school year happen. Mrs. Hupfer has ensured that her students have had an amazing start to their kindergarten year and that they were ready for when their normal classroom teacher returned. Jackie is always willing to help around the elementary school even when she is not subbing. On a regular basis, she volunteers to work with students to help them learn new words and has helped Bismarck Blessings with their community food drive. Mrs. Hupfer’s years of experience and expertise have been an asset to the staff this year in helping navigate what’s best to do for kids. The entire staff at BHES appreciates everything that Mrs. Hupfer does for us.

Mrs. Walder, Hoopeston Area School District #11

Mrs. Walder has taught at John Greer Elementary for 5 years. Mrs. Walder volunteered to pilot a remote teaching venture during the quarantine. With a Chromebook, document camera, and Smart TV, Mrs. Walder joined her classroom each day to provide instruction with the support of an adult on-site. Mrs. Walder’s virtual presence in the classroom was invaluable to the continuity of instruction and student engagement. At one point, Mrs. Walder and another teacher simultaneously taught small group lessons to leveled groups of students who were on their Chromebooks. Mrs. Walder is to be commended for her dedication to the education of her 5th-grade students!