Truancy Intervention Program

About the Program

The Truancy Intervention Program is designed to provide support to truantschronic truantspotential dropouts, and families with the goal of increasing attendance and to ensure that the student meets or exceeds the Illinois Learning Standards and the Common Core Standards.

*A truant is a child subject to compulsory school attendance and who is absent without valid cause for any portion of a school day.

*A chronic truant is a child subject to compulsory school attendance and who is absent without valid cause for 5% or more of the previous 180 regular school days.

*A potential dropout is a child subject to compulsory school attendance and whose school absences impedes the student’s learning or contributes to the student’s failure to meet the Illinois Learning Standards.



Alternative Education Program

The Alternative Education Program is designed for middle school students that have not been successful in the traditional educational setting and are considered to be at risk of becoming potential dropouts. The goal of this program is to aid students and their families in reestablishing regular school attendance, academic success, and appropriate school behavior.

Referral Process

Once a student has started to have unexcused absences, each school is to follow their policy on attendance. 

The following actions are required prior to filing with the ROE:

⧫  Classroom intervention with documentation. Include dates, times and outcome.

⧫  District Staff / Parent / Student meeting with documentation.

⧫  Minimum of two  home visits with documentation.

⧫  Three attendance letters (usually sent at the 5-day unexcused absence point, 9-day unexcused absence point, as well as a letter informing them they are being referred to the Vermilion County Truancy Office.)

⧫  Action Plan signed by student and district staff. This is recommended at the 5-day unexcused absence point. Follow the link on our website to see a sample Action Plan/Attendance Contract.

Once a student has accrued 5% of the school year in UNEXCUSED absences AND all of the above has been completed, a referral form should be filled out and submitted. The referral MUST be filled out completely.  All documentation MUST also be attached including an attendance report that clearly states excused and unexcused absences and total days enrolled, as well as discipline reports and grades.  Include any information you feel is pertinent. Continue to provide and document additional assistance.

Once a referral is received, contact will be made with the student and family.  Needs will be assessed and efforts will be made to help the student and family.  The school is still expected to continue to provide interventions and assistance to help the student/family. Continue to provide and document assistance.

If the student fails to improve their attendance, court charges will be filed with the Vermilion County State’s Attorney’s Office.  It is important for the school personnel to attend court proceedings if they receive a notice to appear.  This may occur in the summer months and you are still expected to be present, or send someone in your place.  You may call the SAO to check the status, to see if you are still needed in court that day and or to make sure the case is continuing.  If so, you will need to be there.  You can reach the SAO at 217/555-7750.

If it does go to trial, the Juvenile Judge will order the student to attend school and to follow through with any other services that are needed.  If a student misses school after this order is entered, it is important for you to contact our office immediately.