Mrs. K

Sue Kazmierczak came to MMJH three years ago. While she is officially a VASE
employee, we absolutely consider her one of our own and we cannot imagine
where we would be without her. Her tenure at MMJH started right after the
pandemic began. Social emotional professionals, like Sue, are more invaluable
than we ever could have imagined.
While Mrs. K has an official title as our school Social Worker, she is so much
more. She is a superhero in her own right. She has run small groups, pushed into
classrooms for lessons, sought out and secured guest speakers, and kept our
building compliant with the newest legislation. She approaches our students and
staff with a genuine concern for their well being. It is truly a passion project for
her that she immerses herself into. The daily love she shows our fellow staff and
students is amazing. It is for these reasons, and many more, that Sue is our
Golden Ruler winner.