Mrs. Hupfer standing with poptart boxes

The Bismarck-Henning Elementary School would like to share their appreciation for Jackie Hupfer. Mrs. Hupfer is a retired teacher who has a huge heart and deep love for children and teaching. She started the year off as a full-time substitute in a kindergarten class and, like other educators, had to learn and relearn a mountain of new skills to help make this school year happen. Mrs. Hupfer has ensured that her students have had an amazing start to their kindergarten year and that they were ready for when their normal classroom teacher returned. Jackie is always willing to help around the elementary school even when she is not subbing. On a regular basis, she volunteers to work with students to help them learn new words and has helped Bismarck Blessings with their community food drive. Mrs. Hupfer’s years of experience and expertise have been an asset to the staff this year in helping navigate what’s best to do for kids. The entire staff at BHES appreciates everything that Mrs. Hupfer does for us.