Jenny Winland

Ms. Jenny Winland has been a member of South View Upper Elementary for five years in the role of Home Interventionist. In a typical school year, there is not an adult or student who is unaware of who Ms. Winland is. There may be confusion as to what she does at South View because she can be seen filling multiple roles across the building to ensure families, students, and staff have what they need to be successful.

In the current school year, Ms. Winland has added more roles to her daily job. She completes home visits to check on students and families while remote. She ensures they have supplies, access to the internet, and anything else they may need to be successful. If a student is not logging in, Ms. Winland will call the home and make home visits to check on the student. Aside from those roles more typical of a Home Interventionist, Ms. Winland also has a handful of classes she regularly joins virtually and has become an integral part of those classes.

At any given time, Ms. Winland is ready to jump and do whatever is needed. On a regular school day, she can be seen in classes, building relationships with students in the cafetorium, making those home visits, offering support to students individually to assist in any issues they may be having, and helping to intervene and support students when discipline issues arise.

Ms. Winland is a dependable, solid, and caring staff member at South View. This building could not run the same without her. Her big heart and passion for her job make her an essential part of South View Upper Elementary.