J. Martin

Joe Martin has worked for UPS as a full-time employee since 2005. The Rossville & Alvin community has been fortunate to have him in our community for a majority of this time. UPS Joe, as we call him, is more than our UPS delivery person. Joe is our community watchdog who always goes the extra mile to take care of others. Joe notifies community members if he sees something out of the ordinary, has been known to deliver food to those during difficult times, & genuinely cares about the well-being of each person on his route. One cannot possibly highlight all of the kind acts he has demonstrated over the years. We are blessed to have him in our community each and every day. As Joe says, "I spend more time in your community's backyard than I do my own." Joe has four children, Alexa Rae, Addison Tyler, Aulton Joseph, and Jazmine.