B. Kuchefski

A 15-year veteran with Danville District 118 for 15 years, Brandie works in the Department of Educational Support Programs as the English Learner coordinator, Homeless Liaison, and organizer of assessments and summer programming. Brandie is a fierce advocate for all District 118 students and works diligently to meet the needs of our English Learner and McKinney-Vento students. She provides support to students their families. Through the McKinney-Vento program, Brandie assists with temporary housing, clothing, school supplies, or other necessities families may need. She advocated for the purchase of a community van to meet unique family needs, i.e., delivery of items, transporting students to appointments, etc.  Most recently, Brandie recruited a tutor for students who are temporarily housed at a local shelter. Brandie’s commitment to District 118 students, families, and the community is exceptional!