Are you due for renewal & haven't renewed yet?! Stop & wait for ELIS to update so you see these new law changes!!
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Renewal Changes
Today we express our appreciation for all law enforcement officers.
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police memorial
Are you in need of PD hours? You can now watch videos for PD hours via On Demand Video Library through 6/30/22! For more information, visit:
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PD Opp
Today we celebrate all of our school nurses. Thank you for everything you do for the students & staff in Vermilion County!
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School nurse
Happy Mothers Day!
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Mothers Day
Guess WHAT?!?
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PEL reduced
Thank a soldier today in honor of May being National Military Appreciation month!
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We are so grateful for our School Nurses. Happy Nurse's Week!
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Happy Cinco de Mayo!
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Happy Star Wars Day!
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Star Wars
Happy National Teacher Day! Our teachers have been so resilient these past few years, and we couldn't appreciate everything they do more. Spoil your favorite teacher today!
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World Teacher Day
Yesterday, May 1, was National Principal Association Day, so today we also celebrate our principals!
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This week we celebrate our amazing Vermilion County teachers!
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TA Week
Interested in getting your masters? Do you teach elementary or middle level math?
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ISU Math
Don't forget about Administrator Academies & Evaluator Trainings!
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Happy Earth Day!
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Earth Day
Earn your Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership (EDS) Informational Meeting via Zoom: April 25th, 4:30-5:30 Click this link to view the flyer with more information:
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In addition to these 3 track options, Grand Canyon University offers bachelors & masters degree programs w/initial teacher licensure including the LBS1 endorsement for staff who want to become certified.
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LBS1 GCU  Opps
Happy Easter!
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For those who might be interested in a Reading Teacher Endorsement Opportunity, click the link below to view the flyer from EIU.
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